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SL16The new International youth catamaran is finally out of the bag, and into the water in the US. Made by NACRA under license from the French designer and builder, it is the first international effort at a boat designed expressly for youth and youth programs.

The concept is simple - to have a boat for youth teams that mimics everything about its bigger sisters, the International Formula 18 and the Olympic Tornado, all in a package scaled to youth dimensions. The sole compromise was to have it be without boards, to both make it a bit easier to sail and to help keep the price lower - adding boards would have added over $1000 to the final cost.

This boat has everything else - modern sailplan, double trapeze, tube-launched spinnaker - that makes the bigger boats so much fun to sail. The whole concept is to let younger sailors in on the fun that adults are now having on modern catamarans - speed and thrills in packages that are amazingly easy to handle.

Be the first kids on the block with the best new toy in a long time! Contact me now!


Length: 4.80 meters (15' 7")
Width: 2.32 meters (7' 6")
Weight: 152 Kg (334 lbs) all up
Main: 13.75 sq m (148 sq ft)
Jib: 3.75 sq m (40 sq ft)
Spinnaker: 17 sq m (183 sq ft)

Tube-launched spinnaker
Double trapeze
Fully-adjustable rudders
Mylar main & jib
Harken hardware